Choices Academy works to create student garden

SALISBURY, Md. – Kids from Choices Academy got the chance to take a little break from the traditional classroom setting and head outside on Friday.

The students got some hands on experience getting the soon to be student garden up and running from painting birdhouses to planting flowers, students had a chance to work together to better the environment.

The hope is that this garden will help provide at-risk youth with more hands-on education opportunities plus the chance to go green.

“We’re helping our environment so there won’t be a lot of trash so earth can be good,” says¬†Anyah Moss of Choices Academy.

Damijah Taylor adds, “Basically were just all coming together and showing what we can do other than just being in school all day and arguing and stuff like that we can all come together as a community.”

The goal is to have the garden installed and ready to go by the next school year and the food harvested from the garden will be sent home with students and used to supplement Choices food bank.

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