1st Heat Wave History

Delmarva is currently experiencing its 1st heat wave of the year and it will likely continue into this weekend. It’s no better moment than to look back at the 1st heat wave of the year within the past decade. A heat wave is defined as 3 consecutive days or more at or above 90°.

Briefly recapping 2018, the 1st heat wave took place on June 17th to 19th, with highs mainly in the low 90s. 5 more heat waves occurred during the remainder of the summer, ending in early September. The longest heat wave of the year lasted 8 days, from June 29th to July 6th, which was also our 2nd heat wave of the year.

The 1st heat wave on Delmarva usually happens on average in mid-June, just before the summer solstice or by Father’s Day. However there has been one time in the last 10 years; when the heat wave started in late May, back in 2011. On the other hand, there has been 2 heat waves taking place not in the month of June. The most recent was in 2016, just after the 4th of July holiday and the latest of the past decade occurred in early to mid August, back in 2009.

The 1st heat wave of the year typically lasts the minimal criteria of just 3 days, with the longest over the last decade lasting up to 5 days. The 2 times the heat waves reached 5 days, they both occurred in late June of 2010 & 2013. The hottest 1st heat wave was in 2014, when the thermometer soared to 91°, 96°, 98°, & 91° respectively; between the 16th & 19th of June, thus providing an average between those 4 days of 94.5°.

Luckily the 1st heat wave of the summer, is usually not the hottest or the longest; but it does set the stage that summer is officially here, and its here to stay for the next 3 months. For the latest weather conditions throughout this summer, stay tuned with our 47ABC Storm Team.

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