Taking a look at the damage caused by Sunday nights storm

KENT CO., Del. – On Tuesday, several homeowners in Kent County, Delaware let us see the damage caused by Sunday night’s storm. They also talked to us about their experience with falling trees and wind-swept objects.

Gilbert Curry, a resident who experienced storm damage said, “It sounded like explosions going off and then it sounded like a whirlwind just spinning right outside and I thought [my] trailer was going to flip, but thank god it didn’t.”

People living in Camden-Wyoming say they thought a tornado was blowing through their area Sunday night.

Curry said, “When I heard it, first thing I do was like duck you know? Because I didn’t know whether it was coming through or what it was going to do.”

It turned out to be straight line winds, rather than a tornado.

In Wyoming, winds reached 50 miles per hour, which caused trees to topple over in Gilbert Curry’s yard.

Curry said, “You could just hear the aluminum or the metal shaking on the trailer.”

Further East in Kitts Hummock, people experienced 70 mile per hour wind gusts.

Michael Costello, a homeowner said, “All of a sudden there was a tremendous noise, a big gust of wind, a lot of rain and then the hail.”

The hail was big. The National Weather Service says it was about the size of a nickel in some spots.

Costello said, “We’ve lived here for 19 years, have never seen hail, but this was pretty significant.”

Although this storm certainly caused headaches for some homeowners, the important thing is no injuries were reported.

Curry said, “Just thank god nobody got hurt.”

The National Weather Service says three homes in Woodside did have trees crash into them from the storm Sunday night, but again, this was not the work of a tornado, rather it was just some strong wind gusts.

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