Linda Brown’s hearing postponed: “They want to bully me”



SOMERSET CO., Md. –  New charges against a breeder convicted of animal cruelty have surfaced. On Friday, she spoke exclusively to 47 ABC.

Outside of her probation violation hearing, that was postponed on May 31, Linda Brown told 47 ABC that the dogs she’s most recently accused of having weren’t hers. According to the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, Brown is back at it again. Officials tell say five dogs were taken from a home on Riverview Park Drive in Pocomoke City. But after speaking to Brown, she says she feels like she’s being harassed over something she isn’t responsible for.

“They were claiming they were my puppies and they weren’t,” says Brown. “They’re just a bunch of bullies. They want to bully me.”

Brown is speaking out after Somerset County Sheriff Ronnie Howard says more dogs were found where she was living.

“Dogs that were recovered from a Ms. Linda Brown. She is now residing in another county,” says Sheriff Howard.

But Brown tells 47 ABC, she doesn’t live in Worcester County. “I live on Hayward Road in Pocomoke.”

She also says she wasn’t at the home on Riverview Park Drive, where 5 dogs were taken by Dog Control. “They went to his house. I wasn’t there. I live at my own house.”

Brown’s lawyer tells 47 ABC, that Brown did give dogs to a friend who lives in Worcester County, earlier this year. A friend, she says, was taking care of her while receiving treatment for cancer. But Brown says she didn’t know one of the dogs was about to have puppies.

“I gave the dogs to Allen. I didn’t even know Lexi was pregnant. I didn’t even know she was in heat.”

Puppies, a sign of breeding dogs, that Sheriff Howard says violates her probation. “She was only allowed to have no more than four dogs and they must be spayed or neutered. And there were one male at the scene and the four puppies and some female dogs as well,” says Sheriff Howard.

For now, Brown will have to wait until her next hearing in July. Wait in a place that she no longer wants to call home, after living there for years.

“Leave Maryland. That’s what I want to do. Leave Pocomoke. I want to put my house up for sale and I’m leaving. This is the worst place I’ve ever been in my life,” says Brown. “They took all my dogs. They took my life. It’s been my life and my breath.”

47 ABC also reached out to the Worcester County Animal Control as well as Somerset County’s Dog Control, State’s Attorney and Sheriff. The only person who spoke to 47 ABC was the deputy who filed the most recent report. He says while Brown does still own a property on Hayward Road, she was living on Riverview Park Drive at the time of their most recent visit.

Brown’s next probation violation hearing is on July 30th in Somerset County District Court.

For more on the original case that was launched back in the summer of 2018 and ended with the seizure of 40 German Shepherds: click here.

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