A look inside Jolindy’s German Shepherds’ kennel

It’s been 24 hours since authorities showed up at Jolindy’s kennel in Pocomoke City and seized 40 German Shepherds for alleged neglect. But the owners say they have nothing to hide.

“I have big healthy well-fed German Shepherds,” exclaims Linda Brown, owner of Jolindy’s.

With a search warrant in hand, the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office and Dog Control stormed Brown’s property after receiving a complaint from a prospective buyer.

“She provided information that the kennels were very un-kept, a lot feces piled up just very dirty property and concerns about the health of the dogs,” explains Somerset Sheriff Ronnie Howard.

It was that tip, those words and the visit from authorities that Brown never expected.

“The next thing I know there’s 100 cars in here taking my dogs away. ‘What was going through your mind?’ I was shocked! I mean my dogs have food in front of them all day, plus I go to Cisco’s twice a week and they get hundreds of pounds of raw chicken everyday.”

Authorities say otherwise. The sheriff’s office telling us the dogs were living in horrible conditions. Conditions that left them no choice but to seize 40 of Brown’s dogs.

But when 47 ABC walked the property Thursday, things were very different than what we found in a report and Brown says that what we got on camera is what it normally looks like.

“‘Why do you think they seized the dogs?’ I have no idea,” Brown answers.

“I love them. This is my life, this is my breath, this is what I’ve done my whole life. I can’t even believe it happened to me and how can a pen be filled with feces when they’re cleaned twice a day and cleaned everyday,” exclaims Brown.

She adds that Somerset Dog Control had been to the property several times checking on her kennels since starting eight years ago.

“Have you ever experienced a case like this before?’ No ma’am not me and I’ve worked Somerset County since 1986,” says Sheriff Howard.

Brown says she has every intention of getting these dogs back on her property, but the sheriff’s office says they’ll be working alongside the Somerset County States’ Attorney throughout this ongoing investigation.

Authorities tell us Jolindy’s was not a licensed kennel in Somerset County, but the owner tell us she thought she was.

As for the dogs, they are currently being cared for by the Somerset County Animal Hospital and are undergoing medical evaluations.

Somerset Dog Control is asking for the publics help while they care for these animals. We’re told they are looking for Donated Treats, dry dog food, and Fabuloso Cleaner.

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