Heavy traffic forecast this Memorial Day Weekend

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Tens of thousands of people will be making their way across the Eastern Shore this summer season.

According to the State Highway Administration, this weekend alone about 900,000 people will be hitting the road, and it is the major road ways that will be seeing most of the traffic.

“The major routes down here are the ones that get busy,” said the State Highway Administration Assistant District Engineer, Brett Deane

“Your 50, your 113, your 90 corridors, they’re the ones that get busier, and obviously coastal highway gets quite busy here in Ocean City,” said Deane.

Some visitors in Ocean City said the traffic can make driving during the summer extremely frustrating.

“It’s really horrible,” said Melissa Liupaeter.

“Most times usually on the holidays it takes four to four in a half hours to get down, but if we’re coming down on the weekends like on a Sunday it’s usually even more like a five hour, and the whole day is gone,” said Liupaeter.

Members of the State Highway Administration say this is nothing unusual for the season and that is why they are asking drivers to plan their trips ahead of time and stay safe.

“We’re expecting it every year and we’ve done a lot of things to ensure that our motorists are going to be safe,” said Deane.

Despite the increase in traffic visitors in Ocean City said they look forward to making their way over to the Eastern Shore every year.

“We love it here, so nothing is going to stop us, and we’ll come here no matter what,” said Liupaeter.

“We’ll just figure it out just like any other challenge you’ll figure out a way to get there because it’s worth it,” said Liupaeter.

According to the AAA, there is expected to be a 3.4 percent increase in drivers hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend. If that happens it would be the highest number of Memorial Day weekend travelers since the year 2000.

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