Gov. Carney signs bill to create a DelTech infrastructure fund


DELAWARE – A bill that aims to help Delaware Technical Community College get much needed funds for infrastructure improvements now has Governor John Carney’s stamp of approval.

After passing Delaware’s General Assembly, Governor Carney signed the legislation into law. It’s a big win for the community college that has campuses up and down the state.

But their campuses are struggling with leaky roofs, aging HVAC systems and deteriorating sidewalks. DelTech will now be able to sell bonds to get the capital they need for these important projects.

“Now that we have that pool of funding in place to address those capital costs we can start to fix the structures where our kids are taking classes and make sure that they’re safe, they’re places where quality learning takes place,” explains Sen. Ernie Lopez.

Under this amended bill, the General Assembly is required to appropriate at least 10 million dollars into the fund for the next five years for deferred maintenance.


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