Salisbury public safety forum addresses concerns and conditions

SALISBURY, Md. – A group of law enforcement agencies met on Thursday in Wicomico County to talk about public safety concerns the area faces.

The forum was put on by the Salisbury area Chamber of Commerce and had a range of speakers from members of the Salisbury Police Department to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

The panel covered multiple issues such as community policing practices, traffic concerns, and jay walking on Route 13.

During the discussion, Salisbury PD announced they are implementing a concept called Vision Zero, where they focus on life and safety versus cost and benefits.

Chief Barbara Duncan says, “It flips the script a little bit about traffic efficiency and focuses safety on both pedestrians and vehicles, not necessarily getting traffic through the fastest way, but having both of those entities use the space in a safe manner.”

Chief Duncan says that an area where they are implementing Vision Zero right now is the city park, by adding new traffic and pedestrian interchanges.

Salisbury area Chamber of Commerce says they hope to make this forum an annual event.

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