Local watermen weigh in on oyster season

DEAL ISLAND, Md. – Local watermen say the oyster season has seen success despite the recent changes in the weather.

According to some watermen on Deal Island the oyster market on the shore has not been affected significantly by the recent rain. However, watermen say with more wet weather less people will be looking for oysters.

One business owner on Deal Island says that even if watermen are not able to harvest enough oysters they will still have crabbing to help keep their businesses going.

“A lot of these guys that have now shifted to get into crabbing they were all oystering, so if they can’t go out and oyster they still have crab pots,” said Arby Holland, owner of Arby’s General Store in Wenona.

Some watermen also say they will hope for less windy weather so oysters can thrive.

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