Local organization brings community together after tornado hits Laurel, Seaford

LAUREL, Del. – In the midst of devastation, the Sussex County community couldn’t have shown more resiliency. After a tornado touched down in Seaford and Laurel, destroying everything in it’s path.

“We just heard a freight train and it came from that direction edit just tore up everything around here and electric’s been out ,” said resident John Glacken.

Thousands of families left without power for hours-causing hundreds of dollars worth of food to go bad. And that’s when local organizations stepped up to the plate.

“We know that the power is out so it’s hard for families to feed their kids and themselves,” said member of the Salvation Army, Kathryn Alban.

After hearing the news, members of the salvation army packed up their truck and headed to communities affected by the storm. Trying to help in any way that they could.

“They’ve been a godsend if it wasn’t for them there’s a lot of people in this community that would’ve went hungry today,” said Glacken.

From noon till night, members served the community breakfast, lunch and dinner.Making sure every single person was taken care of.

“We have local churches that have come and help donate some hamburgers and hamburger buns and hers has help donate all the chips we’re serving tonight so it’s just an awesome thing to see,” said Alban.

And while it may take some time to bounce back from the storm, residents say the community will come back stronger, than before.

“That’s what this community needed today because everybody was so down about their property being damaged so just to be uplifted by the Salvation Army, it’s been wonderful,” said Glacken.




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