Grace’s Law 2.0 creates stricter penalties for cyberbullying


MARYLAND – Lawmakers have made it a priority to hold bullies of all kinds accountable with Grace’s Law 2.0.

“It is very important that we recognize that we’re not going to accept bullying of any kind,” says Life Crisis Center Director Abby Marsh.

That’s exactly why Grace’s Law 2.0 was drafted, passed, and signed by Governor Larry Hogan this year. The bill aims to better protect victims of bullying and hold their offenders accountable, since the law right now isn’t enough.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes says, “The current law is limited in scope and to what it applies to. There’s an argument that social media applications didn’t apply to the statute that is currently in affect.”

Grace’s Law 2.0 is changing that and now includes social media, as well as recognizing the impacts and sometimes tragic results social media is having on kids today.

Dykes says, “This law will be enforced, children will be protected as a result of this law and if anyone suffers bullying whether it’s in school or on social media or on the internet they need to reach out for help.”

This new law will make sure bullies can’t hide behind a screen that their actions have consequences and harsher ones at that by increasing the penalties up to three years behind bars and a $10,000 fine.

“It’s just another step in the right direction,” says Marsh.

It’s a strict law that many are hoping will become a powerful message to victims of bullying and their accusers.

“I hope it is a motivator to do the right thing and to not hurt other people,” adds Dykes.


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