Del. organization turns plastic bags into sleeping bags for homeless community


GEORGETOWN, Del. – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Nimble fingers, through Volunteer Delaware 50+, are bringing that saying to life by creating sleeping bags out of plastic bags for the homeless community.

But you’re probably wondering how it works. All of these volunteers are cutting up and crocheting plarn, known as plastic yarn.

Organizer Linda Mason says, “Each Walmart bag, you get four little links out of it and then you pull the links together like a chain and then you roll it up into a ball of plarn and go for it.” Just to make one sleeping bag, we’re told it takes several hours to make the plarn and from there, it takes about 3 hours to make the final product.

600 plastic bags make up one sleeping. They are water resistant and even offer a cushion. Jim Martin, a community activist who helps the homeless community, says they pass out these sleeping bags often. “It’s easy to carry too because I know when you’re homeless, you have to carry all your personal belongings so it’s easy to roll up. Think about it you’re very lonely, you’re isolated and then you look down at the mat, it’s a carefully woven piece of garment almost that someone took the time to do that,” Martin tells us.

But these handcrafted bags aren’t just helping the ones who will be sleeping on them. Crocheting can actually release tension and boost self-esteem.

Director for Delaware 50+ Volunteer Council tells 47 ABC, “Statistically seniors who retire and don’t have anything to do go through depression, anxiety, health suffers, motivation suffers.”

We’re told another benefit is actually helping the environment. It helps landfills by not having so much plastic and it’s a way to recycle.

Organizers tell us that right now several agencies are on the waiting list to get these bags.

But the more people that can volunteer, the more they can produce, so if you are interested in signing up, you can call Hilda Chaski Adams at 302-291-2922.

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