Bennett Middle 8th grader collecting dress clothes for students for upcoming formal dance

SALISBURY, Md. – Haydyn Scrimgeour, a middle schooler at Bennett Middle, is excited for her 8th grade formal. Just like many other teens, she wants to dress to impress for this dance.

When searching for a dress of her own, Haydyn realized that not everyone in her grade may be able to get their hands on a brand new outfit. That’s why she started “Dance For Hope” to collect dress clothes for those in need. Haydyn says, “Having different options that can’t afford dresses and stuff like that would be great because they can go through it and if they don’t have it they can use it and wear it.”

Haydyn is collecting everything for the big night including accessories, shoes, and clothes for girls and boys in her class. Haydyn tells us, “A little goes along way and progress is progress anything you can do bring in an old dress you have or maybe a newer one just bring it in, help people in need.”

Just like Cinderella, even if it’s for just one night, it’s a night to remember.

Her mother Haley Scrimgeour is proud of her daughter and tells 47 ABC, “To have someone so young especially in the times and ages what these millennials are going through it’s very moving. It makes you really stop and being grounded and be thankful for what you have and willing to open up your home and hearts and share.”

They are asking for all the donations to be given by April 13th. From there, they will go get them dry cleaned.

Beyond creating this fundraiser, Haydyn has just released a song called “Pretend to Be”. If you buy the song, all the proceeds will go to the donation drive, so they can buy even more outfits.

They are accepting dress clothes for juniors and kids, sizes small to large. For more details on how to contact the family for donations, you can e-mail them at

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