UPDATE: Medical examiner confirms stabbings of three prior to Nelsonia house fire

NELSONIA, Va. –  A murder and arson investigation in Nelsonia is now leading to more questions than answers.

Back on February 1st, two adults and a small child were found dead inside a burnt mobile home but now a medical examiners report has revealed that all three were stabbed prior to the fire.

According to their report, 24-year-old Wilson Escalante-Perez, 26-year-old Oraliz Alejandra Gonzalez-Miranda were both stabbed in the chest. Meanwhile the 3-year-old was found to be stabbed in both the chest and the abdomen.

The examiners office has only ruled the deaths of the mother and child as homicides. While the death investigation for the man is still ongoing.

On Wednesday, the family was updated on the investigation.

Dos Santos, a ministry in the area that helps the Latino population says they want to help the family during this difficult time. Dos Santos Director, Angelica Garcia-Randle says, “It’s almost like trauma again, double tragedy. The family is very private they are asking the public to respect privacy but they are grateful for support and if we people can hold them on prayer during this time.”

Currently, there is a GoFundMe page here, that are going directly to funeral costs. We’re told Dos Santos is also collecting contributions on their page here, that will go towards a new home since six other family members who lived there are still displaced.

Meanwhile, Virginia State Police are investigating and are asking anyone with information to call them at 757-424-6800.

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