Governor Hogan starts petition for post-Labor Day school start

MARYLAND – Governor Larry Hogan’s Executive Order to make schools start after Labor Day could soon be overturned.

The Maryland Senate voted on Tuesday to give local school boards the ability to decide when their public schools will start.

Senators voted 31 to 13 for the Bill, but Governor Hogan is fighting back.

Hogan recently started a petition to allow people to show their support for his post-labor day school start.

It’s a petition that the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce is supporting.

Melanie Pursel, the President an CEO of the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce said, “Polls have shown throughout the past several years that Marylanders in general are supportive of a post Labor Day school start however, the local school boards are the ones that want control back so the Governor is trying to show that the voters really do want it.”

The bill that would reverse Governor Larry Hogans Executive Order is now headed to the House for a vote.

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