Community activists hold discussion to address issues in Wico. public schools

SALISBURY, Md. – “If we really want a better America we got to have better schools,” said former Wicomico County Public School teacher Bill Cecile.

Parents, students, retired educators, community leaders and more.All coming together with one goal in mind: To make Wicomico County public schools a better place for the youth.

“We wanted to bring this to the community and to provide an outlet because it is very needed ,” said event organizer Amber Green.

Monday night’s group discussion led by community activist Amber Green comes almost a week after parents and students brought forth concerns about the increase in violence in the schools.

“I am on Instagram, I am on Snapchat, I do see fights that occur in Salisbury Middle School. Not only Salisbury Middle School, but Bennett. It’s not just happening in the middle schools, it’s in the high schools too” said Wicomico High School student Janiyah Brickhouse.

Now, a community is looking to get the root of these issues. Starting with an open discussion between the youth and adults. To get a better understanding as to why these problems are occurring in the first place.

“Tonight is an opportunity for the parents to really get an idea of what’s happening in these schools from a youth perspective,” said Green.

“Maybe it’s how I think, and how I act, and how I raise my kids, and how I treat my neighbor, maybe that’s where we make this change and then it will filter down unto our children and our schools,” said Cecil.

Local students say these types of conversations are necessary in order to create a positive school environment for generations to come.

“There are kids, that are going to be coming from different schools, different elementary schools, and it has to be stopped,” said Brickhouse.

And activists are hopeful that by starting these conversations, the community can begin to heal.

Green, who orchestrated the entire discussion says she expects to hold more of these conversations over the next couple of months. She also says that she wants to extend the invitation to school officials to be a part of the dialogue as well.



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