Lobbyists hope Delaware will legalize cannabis in 2019

DOVER, Del. – The legalization of marijuana is once again making its way to the legislative floor in Dover this year.

On Thursday, over two dozen people from up and down the First State joined pro-cannabis lobbyists at Legislative Hall in hopes of getting a head start on swaying lawmakers to make 2019 the year Delaware legalizes cannabis.

It’s a bill that nearly passed last year, but ended up failing. Although many say they’re hopeful 2019 could be the year with new legislation in the works.

“This year what we’re going to try and do is break the bill into two. We’re going to have a bill for finance and a bill for the criminal justice aspect of it and that way we can debate each issue as as needed,” explains John Sybert, Vice President of Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network.

Sybert says they are even more hopeful that this legislation could pass because of the 15 new representatives and senators joining the caucuses, some of which have already expressed interest.

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