DNREC creates new regulations for sandblasting water tanks

DOVER, Del. – Environmental leaders in the First State are making some changes to air quality regulations.

On Thursday, DNREC rolled out a new permit program that establishes specific conditions for those who sandblast outdoor water tanks to remove lead-based paint.

The move will require the tank owner to provide residents within 1,000 feet of a tank a 30 day notice before sandblasting occurs as well as constant air monitoring whenever contractors are undertaking the blasting activities.

“We think it is a reasonable way of addressing the concerns that were raised which were mainly residents that didn’t know it was going on and they were concerned that potentially lead paint was getting off site,” explains DNREC Sec. Shawn Garvin.

Garvin tells 47 ABC that these new provisions will hopefully better protect homeowners and other folks living near water tanks from lead poisoning.

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