Maryland dad donates kidney to his 2-year-old daughter

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – In Princess Anne a tiny but might warrior is getting the Christmas present of a lifetime from a very special person. In a couple of months, 2-year-old Charlotte Rice will be getting a new kidney from a perfect match. Her father. Charlotte’s parents tell us she was born with multicystic dysplastic kidney disease and has been on dialysis since she was one-month old. They say they had to wait until Charlotte weighed at least 22 pounds before she could receive a kidney transplant. And while they had the option to go on a transplant list to get a new kidney, they say with Charlotte getting a kidney from a living donor, the kidney is expected to last longer.

“Knowing that I am going to be able to give her the best possible match and give her the best possible quality of life it really felt great and knowing that she’s going to be hopefully starting the next chapter in her life,” said Charlotte’s father Wes Rice.

Charlotte’s parents tell us that they’re hopeful she’ll have surgery and get her new kidney by March of next year.

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