UPDATE: KKK fliers found around Delmarva

DELMARVA –  Mysterious KKK fliers have been popping around Delmarva since Saturday night.

Senior Cpl. Eric Chambers of Seaford Police Department said, “Anyone finding this type of material on their front lawn would be upset by it.”

In total, over 70 have been found in places like Seaford, Dover, and Smyrna in Delaware and places like Federalsburg and Princess Anne in Maryland.

Police believe whoever is responsible may have flung them out of car windows underneath the cover of the night.

Princess Anne Police Department Chief Tim Bozman said, “They [fliers] had their little flag with their propaganda on it and they weighted them with bird seed so they could fling them out the window.”

Seaford police say they were first alerted about the fliers Saturday night when someone from Macedonia AME Church reported they had found one on their lawn.

Then Sunday morning, Princess Anne residents woke up to 40 to 45 of them scattered in front of certain houses.

Although the wording on them is not all the same, the message is.

Chambers said, “The propaganda flier was promoting the KKK.”

But these incidents aren’t exclusive to Delmarva.

According to police, people have been finding this propaganda in other parts of Maryland as well.

Bozman said, “We sent these pictures of these fliers to our information center and they started disseminating this information out to the state system and that’s when information started flowing back that this isn’t an isolated incident to Princess Anne and that it’s something that’s been happening across the state for the last couple of months.”

Although police understand people are worried, they say they don’t think there’s any threat to the public and that the people behind this most likely aren’t local.

Moving forward, they say they’re still going to keep their eyes out.

Robinson said, “We’re going to keep an eye out through town, especially on patrols, to see if they do return we don’t have any reason to believe that they would.”

On Sunday, a Princess Anne resident posted to Facebook Sunday claiming he, and a neighbor, found Ku Klux Klan fliers in their driveways.

Jumar Coston posted a picture of a flier in the plastic bag filled with pebbles and seeds, with the KKK claiming be responsible for the paper.

The flier lists the KKK hotline number, several bible verses, and at the bottom it says, “Take your “Happy Holidays” and shove it!”

Coston’s post has been shared dozens of times.

47 ABC will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

Police encourage anyone who has seen or heard anything or anyone who has received one of these fliers to report it to them.

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