Public meeting held for Pirate’s Wharf Park, residents offer ideas

SALISBURY, Md. – “It’s the beginning of a process and now we go one step at a time and move forward,” said director of recreation parks and tourism Wicomico County, Steve Miller.

On Tuesday, dozens of Wicomico County residents filled a room inside the civic center to have their ideas and concerns heard as officials look for every bit of public input as they begin to create a master plan to turn the Pirate’s Wharf property into a public park.

“It’s their park it’s the public’s park and that’s what we want to continue to make it. We want the public to know that we want to put in what they feel’s needed ,” said county executive Bob Culver.

One by one, residents stood before Wicomico County parks and tourism officials as they read off a list of things they envisioned for the park. Including hiking trails, campsites, bike paths and more. But the one thing almost everyone agreed on was to make sure the park stayed as close to nature as possible.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in that forest, and I thought it would be so sad to cut that forest that was right there as part of a park ,” said attendee Joan Maloof.

“Perhaps it will become a place where people can learn about nature and the way things actually should be,” said Wicomico County resident Donald Ross.

And officials say nature preservation is at the top of their list.

“What I heard was very much in line with what we have in mind so I was very encouraged by that,” said Miller.

“It looks like the forest is going to be preserved and there will be hiking trails through there so people can go and enjoy the beautiful trees and the birds that live there,” said Maloof.

Officials and residents add that it’s crucial that people continue to attend these types of meetings in hopes of making sure everyone’s needs are met.

“It’s critical. We want them to enjoy it, but they need to be apart of the process and they need to have. To have another asset like this in the county that can offer something a little different I think is going to be very valuable for the citizens,” said Miller.

Officials add that they are still waiting for the council to approve the 820 thousand dollar grant that the National Parks Service awarded to the county in order to help turn the property into a park. But they say they’re hopeful that the council will accept the money.



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