Tips to help loved one for Mental Health Awareness Day

DELAWARE – As part of Mental Health Awareness Day, an mental health facility in Delaware is hoping to open the publics eyes to an alarming statistic, that suicide rates for boys and girls have been rising for the past decade.

76% of children with severe depression receive little or no treatment. We’re told that depression rates for children are so high because added stressors such as social media and peer pressure can weigh in. That’s why health officials say it’s so important to be there for your children when they need you.

Arneice Ritchie, SUN Behavioral Health’s Director of Clinical Services says, “The first key is listening just being an ear for someone is very helpful, not being judgmental just allowing the person to talk about their feelings and then offering the support. ‘What can I help you to get the support that you need’ and when a person doesn’t feel judged, they are more open to getting the help that they need.”

Ritchie says developing some healthy coping skills can be helpful such as going outside, gaining a supportive social network, or even seeking a therapist. They also have multiple resources available at the new facility.

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