Sussex County school to settle discrimination claim

DAGSBORO, Del. – Parents say they have had enough with students discriminating against their kids at Indian River High School.

Last week, what was suppose to be a day of patriotic celebration to share cultures allegedly turned into some children making fun of Latino students.

“Unfortunately, we feel this was the last straw,” said Ezequiel Castillo, a parent.

“This has been happening for years, not just in this school, but in the entire community,” said Castillo.

With tensions rising, Superintendent Mark Steele met with parents to try to fix the problem on Thursday.

“That’s the plan,” said Castillo.

“For them to be able to feel safe and study, and to not have to be involved in any activity they should not have to be in,” said Castillo.

Parents also say this problem has gotten worse ever since President Trump was elected. And, in a school where the President has many supporters, the divide is clear.

Some even interpreting a photo on social media with students holding a Trump flag with the caption, “We live in the Greatest Country in the world. If you don’t like it, leave,” as a sign of this.

“It has given people the opportunity to continue hating on Hispanics and unfortunately, it has affected our kids,” said Paul Ramos, a parent.

Steele turned down a chance for an on-camera interview, but in a statement provided by Steele it read that by law the district is prohibited from commenting on disciplinary action and that action had been taken.

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