Dr. Gaddis named Md. Superintendent of the Year

WESTOVER, Md. – Big news out of Somerset County, Superintendent Dr. John Gaddis was named Maryland’s Superintendent of the Year.

A first and historic moment for somerset county, especially after Somerset teacher Dr. Richard Warren just receiving Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Gaddis tells 47 ABC this is a testament to all the work the county, teachers, and staff have put in to making the Somerset County school system as successful as any other place in the state, despite being the poorest.

They’ve honed in on giving each student the resources and plan to be successful with all day universal Pre-K, free school breakfast and lunches, and dual-enrollment for high school students.

“We may not be the richest county in the state of Maryland, in fact, we’re the poorest but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve, that our students can’t achieve, that you can’t be successful. So when you change the conversation and I think that’s what we’ve done, people start to say how can they do that down there and I hear that a lot. How are you able to do a dual enrollment program where you pay for all of your students to take college courses?,” explains Dr. Gaddis.

He adds that his inbox has been flooded with messages from people all over the county saying their proud to call Somerset their home.

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