Farmers work to harvest crops before rainfall

LAUREL, Del. –  Delaware farmers have all hands on deck harvesting their summer crops before the potential rainfall we could see later this week. We’re told Sussex County farmers are doing all they can to get as much of their crops harvested as possible.

They’re taking extra precautions since many farmers are still recovering from serious crop loss in the spring. If they don’t prepare for the worst the potential losses they could experience this week would affect their bottom line.

“If we get rain and a lot of wind then it’s going to knock the corn crop down because the ground is so soft, so wet it will fall over and hit the ground and the combines aren’t designed to pick it up off the ground, so it will make harvesting extremely difficult and again lose more of our crop,” explains Nathan Hudson, a crop consultant.

Hudson says if it’s just rain, the crops will most likely be able to survive. But it’s the wind that could be devastating for the crops, especially corn.

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