Easton resource center helping families who have a loved one detained for being undocumented


EASTON, Md. – An organization in Talbot County is constantly coming up with ways to help the immigrant community.

The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center is ready to offer financial support to family members, who have a loved one detained for being undocumented.

Their director Matthew Peters says, “There’s no government services obviously that would provide assistance like that. A lot of other groups shy away from wanting to go into that issue helping people without documentation or with problems of immigration.”

The agency knows a situation like this can send shockwaves through a family and that’s why they created this GoFundMe page to make sure that an emergency fund would be available if needed. 100% of the funds will go directly to help immigrant families.

Just to give you an idea on how expensive it can get, a legal consultation can cost up to $300. If they are detained, they will go to the immigration detention center in Snow Hill. So from Easton to Snow Hill, it can cost up to $80. “Typically, someone is taken and they are the ones that earn the money and no more money coming in. Whether that’s for an attorney, a phone card, rent, to get food, we know the hardship and we wanted to provide that financial aid there,” Peters tells us.

The resource center says they are offering more than just financial needs. They hope to support every single community in every way possible through emotional and psychological needs by referring them to other services.

The resource center says they hope that other organizations will also be encouraged to create fundraisers just like these.

The center says in order to release any funds, they need to confirm that the family member is being detained and that the family depends on that detainee to survive.

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