Dorchester County coastline residents prepare for Hurricane Florence


HOOPER’S ISLAND, Md. – Hurricane Florence is slowly sliding toward the Carolinas and preparations as well as evacuations are underway.

However, on Delmarva the expectations are not the same, but that does not mean residents are not getting ready.

“We’ve had some pretty heavy wind and rain over the last couple of days and seen some flooding so we just have to prepare for the worst case scenario,” said Natalie Clark, a local resident.

On Hooper’s Island, they know better than anyone else the affect a storm can, and that is why they are bracing for the worst.

The island is historically known for its storm surges and high tides, but residents are doing all they can to protect themselves.

“Once the tide starts coming up down here, it’s hard to move around,” said Adam Xenides, a local resident and tour guide at Hooper’s Island Expeditions.

Local watermen say they are preparing for high tide by pulling out their equipments like crab pots and boats from the Chesapeake Bay.

“We’ve been getting out pots up all day today and we got some up yesterday, and now we’re getting ready to get the boat hauled out of the water so that we don’t lose any pots or the boat doesn’t suffer any damage,” said Scott Todd, a waterman on Hooper’s Island.

Local businesses are also concerned about tide flooding and are protecting their equipment so that they do not lose any money with storm damages.

“I actually live in town, so I’m not super worried about it, but for us here making sure things are tied down, protecting our boats kind of larger assets like that are definitely things we try to anticipate so that the risk is lessened,” said Clark, a manager at the Hooper’s Island Oyster Company.

Even though rain is expected to make its way, residents say they are not too worried about the storm just yet.

“I think everyone had a wait-and-see approach,” said Xenides.

“It’s a close knit community and everyone, you can disagree on politics and many other things, but everyone sticks together and helps each other out,” said Xenides.

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