UPDATE: Upshur guilty in 2017 murder of Salisbury man

On Wednesday, a Salisbury woman was convicted for her role is the 2017 murder of Tavin Molock.

47ABC's Dani Bozzini reports that Brandi Upshur was found guilty of first degree felony murder in a trial by judge. Upshur was on trial for her role in the July 2017 beating a murder of Tavin Molock, in Salisbury.

According to court proceedings, Upshur's request for the other six co-defendants  to "get her money back" from Molock made her responsible for his death. The defendant alleges that Molock stole money from her in July 2017. Molock was brutally beaten and left to die on the front lawn in the 400 block of Bethel Street, in Salisbury.

The following four individuals were convicted for their role in the murder:

Eddie Smith(pleaded guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison)
Brandon Yarns (pleaded guilty 2nd degree assault, not sentenced)
Edward Winder (found guilty of first and second degree murder, sentenced to life)
Raymond Murray (found guilty, Authorities are seeking life without parole for sentencing)

Hammond Taylor was found not guilty in connection to the 2017 murder.

Dani Bozzini will have the latest for the recent court proceedings in the NewsHour.

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