Local reaction to Punkin’ Chunkin’ cancellation

Cancellation notice posted on Punkin Chunkin's website

The annual Punkin' Chunkin' event was originally scheduled to take place this weekend in Bridgeville, but was canceled due to last year's tragic accident.

The landowners who donated the use of their property for the event and the World Punkin' Chunkin' Association are both listed as defendants in an upcoming lawsuit filed in the wake of that accident, which is largely why the 2017 event was called off.

Former Punkin' Chunkin' participants told 47ABC excessive drinking a couple years ago led to the event getting a little out of hand. 

Organizer's tried to fix that in 2016 by placing more restrictions on drinking, but that didn't stop the freak accident from happening that almost cost Suzanne Dakessian, a TV producer, her life.

Past participants told 47ABC they think the cancellation of the event is now hurting the town's economy. Grafton Adams, a Seaford local, said, "[Punkin' Chunkin'] was not just exposing Bridgeville to a lot more people outside the area, but it also, from the standpoint of hotels in the area [and] restaurants, that's a great loss of revenue."

On top of the loss of revenue, the World Punkin' Chunkin' Association said the cancelation hurts the fundraising they do for other non-profits in the area. 

We will continue to follow this lawsuit and provide updates as the case develops.

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