State Farm’s Annual Deer Collision stats are warning Delmarv

State Farm's Annual Deer Collision stats are warning Delmarva to be safe on the road

ponding on roadways — fallen trees — and — deer — especially this time of year. according to a report from state farm insurance — all three states on delmarva are in the top 30 nationally for risk of deer collisions. 47 abc’s justina coronel reports. track 1 living on delmarva means living close to nature — but with those benefits — come risks — like deer on the roadside. new data from state farm — show the odds of being involved in a deer collision nationwide is one in 164. in delaware — it’s one in 148. in maryland it’s one in 139 — and in virginia it’s one in 94. maryland state highway administration officer charlie gischlar says drivers should be especially aware at this point in year. deer collisions are a very serious issue this time of the year as we enter into the rut or deer mating season for white tail deer that are that are really really prolific around the state or wherever you go. track 2 gischlar says it’s helpful to know deer habits. they normally feed between sunset and sunrise — which could bring them closer to roadways. like many other creatures — deer are on the lookout for water — so be aware of water supplies — especially near forested areas. common sense driving advice is key as well — pay attention for deer signs and look for movement on the side of the road — one deer — likely means more behind it. and the biggest word of advice. if you are going to hit it, hit it dead on. never veer for deer, it can lead to a very serious crash and you can hit someone else coming your way. track 3 local state farm representative jaleisha guerrara has fielded plenty of deer-related calls… you know living on the eastern shore you know at this time, dawn to dusk there’s deer out everywhere. especially if you are traveling on back roads. there’s deer so, um we get a lot of claims for deer collisions track 4 and it’s just one more reason to have insurance. guerrara says most insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage plans — which would cover things that are out of your control — deer collisions included. if you’re involved in a deer collision — officials say first make sure the driver and passengers are safe — then immediately call police. justina coronel 47 abc. if you’d like to see the state farm report in its entirely — find this story on our website 47 abc dot com.

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