USPS truck catches fire – what now?

USPS mail truck catches fire

A USPS mail truck caught fire in Easton – the mail hub of the Eastern Shore. The driver is safe, but what will be done about the mail that was destroyed in the blaze?

USPS believes that mail deposited in these mailboxes between Monday, Dec. 1st and Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, may have been affected.

116 E Dover Street

18 E Dover Street

219 S Washington Street

19 Federal Street

8133 Elliott Road

218 N Washington Street

1200 S Washington Street

101 Bay Street

8133 Elliott Road

301 Bay Street

8223 Elliott Road

210 Marlboro Ave

8168 Elliott Road Ste 1

219 Marlboro Ave

36 N Washington Street

8695 Commerce Drive

31 Goldsborough Street

101 Marlboro Ave

Some of the mail was reportedly salvaged, but much of it is gone.  Unless insurance was purchased it’s not clear what will be done – if anything – to make up for the lost items.  47ABC spoke with postal workers at the Salisbury Post Office, and they admit that not many people purchase insurance for their packages, despite the minimal cost. 

For a value of up to $50 – it costs $1.65 – just over three cents per dollar up to the maximum fifty dollars.  Up to $300 is $4.60 – about 1.5 cents per dollar.  And up to $5,000 can be insured – the price is $4.60 for $300 – then an additional $0.90 per $100.  If you wanted to get insured for the full $5,000 it would cost less than a penny per dollar.

Of course all of this information is relevant only before you mail your package.  For those who are worried they may have mailed an item that was destroyed they should contact Easton Postmaster Valerie Archibald at 410-822-0491.

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