Recent Contest Winners

Congratulations to December 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winner – William Severn from Worcester Technical High School.


Congratulations to November 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winner – Renee Peshoff of Glen Avenue Elementary School

“Mrs. Peshoff transforms her classroom into a fun learning environment all the time. One day she’s dressed like a unicorn and another the classroom is a big spider web in which spiders lay eggs! If you have to learn how to solve a word problem, why not do it using colored “spider eggs,” which are really skittles! Another day they had unicorns jumping number lines for addition and subtraction equations. Her classroom is full of celebrations with balloons when they finish a unit; multicultural reading and “friendship sushi”; classroom camping using engineering and design skills; and, Cookie Monster to teach even and odd numbers. The room is continually full of fun ways to learn! Her students are lucky to have her!”

Congratulations to October 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winner – Maria Davis of Parkside High School

“Maria has been working at PHS for 17 years, after being a student there for 4. She is a special educator who has a caseload of well over 50 students. Her primary role is to help them with their accomodations both in and out of the classroom. However, to her students, she is their life line. Students depend on seeing her every day and she provides a safe place for them, whether it’s due to mental health challanges or medical needs, she makes each one a priority. She works until the lights go off and continues to work at home long after her children are in bed. The children she serves are her reason for coming each day. She is a quiet servant and never expects or asks for recognition. She does it out of the goodness of her heart. She is a trusted adult for many and changes the lives of her students daily.

In my short time here her commitment has been evident. As a community provider for more than 10 years I knew of her name because many adolescents I have worked with spoke so highly of Ms. Davis. Now that I have the pleasure of working with her, it is evident why.”

Congratulations to April 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winner – Mrs. Judy Bennett of Stepping Stones Learning Academy in Fruitland, MD.

“Mrs. Bennett is loved and admired by all her students at Stepping Stones. She stays after school everyday, opening her classroom to any students that may need extra help or a quiet place to do their homework.

Mrs. Bennett also offer bible study on Tuesdays and Thursdays to all children interested. Mrs. Bennett brings loving encouragement and council to help all children succeed academically as they make their way through the years. Her classroom is very welcoming. When entering her classroom it is not uncommon to hear instrumental music playing low in the background with a pleasant fragrance in the air. She also offers children snacks that stay after school. Students speak or her sweet and caring nature. I wish all children everywhere had the chance to cross paths with Mrs. Bennett.”

Congratulations to American Idol ticket contest winner Brittani Johnson, of Millsboro, DE.

Congratulations to March 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Mr. Jason Orlen of East Millsboro Elementary School!

“Mr. Jason Orlen is funny, kind and generous to all his students. He makes us laugh everyday with his funny jokes, dances and songs. He has served in the U.S. Army, and I would like to thank him for serving our country. He is the best teacher anyone could possibly have. That is why as one of his students I nominated him.”

Congratulations to February 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Ms. Linda Dashiell of Fruitland Primary School!

“I have been blessed to volunteer in Fruitland Primary School for 4 years. During that time I have also had the opportunity to watch the interaction between the teachers and the students that we depend to educate our children. One of the amazing phenomena that I noticed my first year volunteering was Linda Dashiell. Every student that leaves her class leaves with such enthusiasm for education. She finds time to reach each student, which can be overwhelming in size to me, on a level and manor that allows them to learn in their own unique way. What she gives to these students is amazing. She deserves so much more than Teacher of the month. For some of the students she is their Teacher of a lifetime.”

Congratulations to January 2019 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Ms. Danielle DiMichele of Buckingham Elementary School

“Ms. DiMichele is the most adaptable, fun loving teacher at Buckingham. She makes lesson fun and encourages students to try harder. Ms. DiMichele made me feel like family because of the sharing of her love and respect. Also she listens to her students to help them with problems that don’t just include her classroom studies. She is always there. Ms. DiMichele is a teacher as well as a friend you look forward to seeing everyday. She is certainly an amazing teacher.”

Congratulations to this year’s Oscars Movie Ticket Contest:

Grand Prize –   Alicia Gibson, Berlin, MD


Runner Up winners –

Angelle Wilson, Cambridge, MD

Rochelle Gleen, Salisbury, MD

Ashley Leslie, Pittsville, MD

Kay Huether, Milford, DE

Andrew Davis, Salisbury, MD

Lois Wilson, Seaford, DE

John Boback, Milton, DE

Mickey Riley, Salisbury, MD

Gilda Wilson, Cambridge, MD

Shelly Smith, Salisbury, MD

Congratulations to December 2018 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Mrs. Nida Moore of James M. Bennett Middle School

Nomination: “Mrs. Moore is very helpful, she will make sure you have supplies you need for the school year. All you have to do is name the supply and she will have it. She makes sure you know what you are doing if you don’t she will stop what she is doing and help out. She calls us her angel baby and she said she will support you when you need it, like if someone is putting you in a mess, all you got to do is call Mrs. Moore and she‘s got your back that’s why I nominated Mrs. Moore.  ”

Congratulations to November 2018 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Mr. Davis Lee Ruark of Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

Nomination: “Mr. Ruark used to teach at James M. Bennett as a Science Teacher, he has helped me grow as a student and as a person. He is truly invested in the success of each student. I could not be more grateful to have him as a teacher in my school career. He deserves this award.”

Congratulations to October 2018 Teacher Who Makes a Difference winner – Mrs. Angel Wright of West Salisbury Elementary School

Nomination: “She is beyond fair to all children. She goes out her way for all children no matter how behavior challenge a child is. She keeps parents informed through different ways and does not limit herself when it comes to the best interests in a child’s learning.”