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Rape hotline for prisoners

Rape hotline for prisoners

WORCESTER COUNTY, Del. - Worcester County officials are working hard to make sure inmates are treated humanely.

The Commission renewed two proposals that provide support services for victims of rape, who happen to be in jail 

This is the second year that county leaders have approved a contract with Life Crisis Center here in Salisbury to help with the effort. 

Its part of the region's work to stay up to date with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. 

The law was enacted back in 2003 and requires local governments to put fail-safes in place to report rape or other assaults that happen in correctional institutions. 

Abigail Marsh says her center provides a 'round-the-clock hotline service inmates can call  at a very small cost to the county.

"We provide a 24/7 hotline that's confidential for prisoners to be able to report rape at the low low cost of $100 a month. Because we are an existing hotline we are able to provide the service fro much less than it would normally cost." 

Marsh says her center does the same thing for other prisons, but Worcester County has the lowest number of complaints.  

She says there is a person assigned to go in and train prison workers to counsel inmates who have been assaulted. 

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