Customers make crafty creations at Breathe Interiors

SALISBURY, Md. – If you’re looking for some family-friendly, fun activities to do this fall, the Downtown Salisbury Plaza is the place to be.

Sunday, Breathe Interiors held an art event where participants had the chance to turn their creativity into crafts.

The owner said her love for art and collecting different materials is what brought her to start the weekend event. community members are able to follow along in a craft-making projects, enjoy a snack with friends and socialize with other crafters.

“We’re doing paper crafting; we’re making these beautiful sunflowers,” Owner Jessica McCarthy said. “This whole month of September has been sunflower themed, so all of our projects have been based on sun flowers.”

“I’m really excited about next month; Halloween is my favorite holiday, so they’re all going to be Halloween-based and I’m really excited to get some of those going. There are going to be some really cute projects coming out next month,” McCarthy added.

To stay up to date on all of Jessica’s classes and register for upcoming ones, you can visit Breathe Interiors’ Facebook page.

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