Delaware bans use of cellular trail cameras on state land

Delaware- Following interagency review and discussion, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental control (DNREC) and the Delaware Department of Agriculture have decided to ban trail cameras for recreational use in state wildlife areas, state parks, and state forest.

This ban is now in effect.

In a statement from DNREC and the DDA emphasized that the ban is only for state land, and not private properties.

This ban follows similar bans from two national wildlife refugees in the state, in addition to five states.

Before imposing the ban both organizations took multiple considerations into factor, including the fact that trail cameras are commonly used devices among hunters.

However other complaints are what ultimately led to the banning of these devices, with many of these complaints associated with the “owner/exclusive use” of a portion of land  once cameras are set up there.

DNREC Director of Fish and Wildlife tells us: “Another hunter comes in wanting to use that area. Sees all these cameras, he’s impacted by the fact that they’re all out there. And say’s ‘Well maybe I need to hunt another location.'”

Other complains stem from the constant disturbance of these areas where hunter have cameras installed, as they are frequently going to check their devices,  the disturbance of local plant life, and privacy issues caused by trail cameras monitoring human activity at parking spaces and along popular hiking trails.


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