Barn-BQ festival celebrates local small businesses, connects community with resources

DELMAR, Del. – “So many people have come together to make this happen. It tells you that’s what Delmarva is all about,” Galeone said.

David Galeone is the creator of the Facebook group Shop Local Delmarva. It’s become one of the fastest ways to connect locals with small businesses. Networking doesn’t stop there as the group hosted their first ever Barn-BQ at Kylan Barn in Delmar Saturday. “We sold out of vendor spaces within a month. I mean it was unreal,” Galeone.

More than 80 vendors were there selling everything from arts and crafts to clothing. “I think everyone knows that we’re a close-knit community and we all look out for each other. Barbecue is just another reason it brings everyone together,” said Stevenson.

Ryan Stevenson owns Shore Smoke Seasonings. He and his wife started the business back in 2020 which now is their full-time gig. “It’s our blends. They’re all our homemade recipes and we just love sharing them with people,” said Stevenson said.

For those with a sweet tooth, De’Carlas Treats had a variety of goodies to satisfy that sweet craving. For Owner Tashana Phillips, the event meant more exposure. “I’m able to position myself in the community so people know that they have another choice. It also allows me to see people,” Phillips said.

“The reality of it is we don’t go out and looking, but when you search you find things. You find local gems such as my businesses and others.”

Galeone says what’s most important about shopping with small businesses is that you’re keeping your dollar local. “That money stays within our community and keeps going back around and helping all of us,” Galeone said.

De’Carlas Treats also offers cooking classes for kids ages 6-15 to expose them to basic life skills.

Organizers also tell us they plan this as an annual event.


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