‘We’ll get through this’: Ellendale town officials focusing on recovery following deadly tornando


ELLENDALE, Del.- The town of Ellendale now in full recovery mode following the tornado that tore through Sussex County on Saturday.

There’s still several homes, commercial properties, and vehicles damaged throughout the area.

We spoke with Ellendale Council President Michael Workman who praised the work of local community groups and state partners with clean up.

He says that the town still has a lot of rebuilding to do, and that the incident brought to light the need to increase preparation efforts for when disasters strike. “We were a little bit more fortunate than Greenwood in that we didn’t have any displaced families or any structures that were deemed unlivable. We didn’t run into that, but we may not be so fortunate next time. We need to have that system set in place,” Workman said.

“We’re here for all and we’re going to do everything we can to make it as painless as possible to put the town back together and help the people of Ellendale. We’ll get through this.”

Workman tells us he expects recovery to take some time, potentially even months.

He adds they’re also working on several fundraising efforts to support families in need.

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