Weather Tidbits: Latest Sunrise & Daylight Saving Time

This Weather Tidbits explores what the latest sunrise of the year would be if Daylight Saving Time is permanent. There is a bill over the recent years that is pushing for permanent daylight saving time year round; which would lead to later sunrises and sunsets in the winter. The latest sunrise of the year with permanent daylight saving time will occur just after the new year in early January. Alabama is the only state to have a sunrise completely before 8 AM; with locations such as San Diego & Nashville seeing a sunrise this early as well. The entire Eastern Seaboard which includes Delmarva would see a sunrise after 8 AM; along with cities further west such as Chicago, Denver & san Francisco observing a similar time. Locations that would see sunrise between 8:30 & 9 am include Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boise & Seattle. A 9 am or later sunrise covers all of lower Michigan & almost all of Indiana; along with western North Dakota & small western sliver of Montana. Lastly, the latest sunrise in the continental United States would take place in the western upper peninsula of Michigan, west of Marquette after 9:30 AM.

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