Salisbury Zoo announces death of coati

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Image: Salisbury Zoo Facebook

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salisbury Zoo’s coati has died at the age of 14.

Daisy was humanely euthanized on March 8th after a sudden decline in her health, zoo officials say. Her quality of life was being monitored closely by her keepers and the veterinary team because of her age and mobility issues caused by intervertebral disc disease. Under human care, the average lifespan for a coati is 14 years.

“Daisy was an extremely relatable animal,” said Zookeeper Hannah Buchek. “She did not like waking up in the morning, and her favorite activity was relaxing in her hammock on a sunny summer day. She was always excited to participate in training that assisted with her veterinary care.”

Daisy was the zoo’s only coati. The zoo plans to make upgrades and expansions to this exhibit to be able to accommodate future animals.

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