The Red Roost opens for 2023 season, as owners hope for crab prices to dip as they head into summer

QUANTICO, Md – The iconic Red Roost opened its doors Friday at 4 p.m. in Quantico, joining the list of seasonal businesses opening this spring.

Co-Owner John Knorr says they have seen an outpouring of reservations and customers awaiting its return, but he says as a seafood venue they are specifically vulnerable to price hikes on crabs but they hope conditions can improve as they get into the summer.

“Our big concern though is are our costs with inflation a cross the board with payroll cost and with food costs so it’s an ongoing concern that we have to monitor week to week,” Knorr said adding “crabs are tough this time of year especially with the winds so we start off the season at a high point but as we get closer to the summer we hope prices stabilize hopefully dip lower than last year.”

He says despite those issues with inflation, they are happy to report that the restaurant is fully staffed, a feat they recognize is a rare occurrence for restaurants following the pandemic.

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