New program helps Delaware farmers remove rundown poultry houses

DELAWARE – Removing rundown poultry houses can costs farmers thousands, but a new program in Delaware looks to help relieve some of that financial burden.

It’s the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Poultry House Demolition Assistance Program. The cost-share program reimburses landowners 50% of project costs with a maximum benefit of up to $10,000.

The department tells us that removing that old infrastructure can also help eliminate potential environmental impacts. “Of course, you’ve had chickens in these houses and the chicken manure that was in the houses can seep into the ground that’s underneath. Thats the reason why we’re going to have nutrient management staff from our department visits these farms as well,” DDA Administrator Jimmy Kroon said.

“Some of that soil there needs to be dug up and spread on fields so that there’s proper use of those nutrients, instead of just sitting there and that rainwater may cause those nutrients to leach into ground water which we definitely don’t want.”

Landowners interested can access that application by clicking here 

The deadline to apply is May 1st.

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