Milford High School revamps work-based learning program, provides students real-world job experience


MILFORD, Del.- Milford High School is providing 12th grade students with real-world job experience, all in an effort to revamp its Work-Based Learning Program. “The students have the academic background knowledge and they’re making their way out into the workforce to link what they’ve learned in the classroom with that’s actually happening in their career fields,” Career Counselor Kate Lynch said.

The program allows students to work during the school day while earning classroom credit. “The students who are involved have completed courses or are currently completing the third course in one of our CTE or Career Technical Education pathways,” Lynch said.

Milford High School currently has 14 Career and Technical Education pathways including education, health care, and agriscience.

Career Counselor Kate Lynch says any student can benefit from the program regardless of their post-secondary goals. “It’s giving students kind of a sneak peek of what they could do after college. It also allows students to network so that kids who may not be going to college or are going into the military have that connection with community members,”

Principal Seth Buford says it’s also an opportunity to build a bridge between the school and the local community. “It allows are community to see exactly what our students are learning in school, and it gives the opportunity to build partnerships within the community. Our school is an integral part of our community, and our community is certainly an integral part of our school,” Buford said.

“We are continually adding more students to our Work-Based learning program and I’m extremely proud of that.”

Lynch says they’re continuing to see growth in the program. She says they’re already in the process of scheduling for next school year and anticipate a 20-percent growth in students.

Other career pathways include physical therapy, digital design, and marketing.

On top of that classroom credit, students also have the opportunity to earn a paycheck depending on where they’re placed.

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