Meals on Wheels celebrates its 21st March for Meals

SALISBURY, Md. – We always say Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal,” says Mike Hedledsky, the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the MAC Center.

The food assistance program celebrating its 21st annual March for Meals allowing local organizations to help keep food on the table for local seniors. Elks Lodge President Duke Marshall was Wednesday’s celebrity meal deliverer. “One of the most important people in our community is our seniors. Our lodge deems good nutrition, everybody having a meal and just take care of those people who took care of us in our younger years,” Marshall said.

The MAC center along with its community partners provides about 3,000 meals a week alone feeding about 435 clients. Mike Hedlesky with the MAC Center says the demand is growing as government programs wind down. “Some of the food subsidy programs have gone back to their pre-pandemic numbers or even Lower for some of them so we’re talking about hundreds of less dollars per month,” Hedlesky said.

On top of that these meals are needed more now than ever because other resources are stretched thin. “Especially with the cost of food, in general, going up also for transportation it’s harder for families to come and check on their family members. It’s more expensive for us to send out our drivers,” Hedledsky said.

Ms. Kay, a meal recipient says it’s not just about the food itself, it’s the friendly face that serves it. “I feel it’s great because you get a meal, it’s nourishment and it’s good to know somebodies going to be coming to your house. it’s good for the families because they know that someone is bringing something to eat and somebodies at least checking on them, talking to them. So that’s a relief for families that are far away,” Ms. Kay, a recipient said.

MAC Center officials say this is some of the only human contact seniors see during the day or even week. So drivers are also trained to do wellness and safety checks for the local residents.

The MAC center hasn’t turned anyone away but they need your help to keep meals on the table. To donate to the MAC Center fundraiser, visit their website.

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