“Grit Leads To Greatness:” book set to help kids learn about the construction industry

SALISBURY, Md. – Some kids across Salisbury were able to get a new book Thursday, learning all about construction.

At Pemberton Elementary school students got their own copy of Grit Leads To Greatness, written by Jenny Kerr Schroen and Chris Eccleston. Chris tells us the book was a necessity as the construction industry is facing a 2 million worker shortage.

47 ABC spoke with the authors to get a glimpse of the book. “Write a book that shows the trade as heroic, epic adventure story where kids can have fun and experience the trades in a fun and magical way,” says Co-author Chris Eccleston.

Students at Pemberton were able to meet the characters and get a personal copy of the book signed. Co-author Jenny Kerr Schroen says the book educates kids on how useful the construction industry is to our lives. “We wrote this book with wanting kids to imagine what they can be when they get older construction is heroic and that kids can find greatness by building things and creating things that we all need everyday,” says Schroen.

​​The fun doesn’t stop there, another group of kids are set to receive the book tomorrow. To get a copy of the book you can visit their website.

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