Delaware bill would create state licensing standard for recovery homes charged with treating addiction

Delaware – A new bill in Delaware wants to make sure those struggling with addiction have the best resources available by creating state licensing requirements, and governmental oversite on centers to create a list of centers that meet the requirements.

“This bill is not making it so that there is only one form of recovery house this is making sure we as a state only certify and fund those providing the highest standard of care,” said House Bill 114  Rep. Kerri Evelyn Harris.

The treatment centers give addicts support, social services, and a pathway out of addiction, but Harris says some centers have been falling short of that promise.

“The reason we need this bill is not that all recovery houses have issues, but some do,” she said, “the measure is to make sure there is no additional substance use happening in the homes to make sure there is access to other resources to help with your recovery to make sure they are in safe communities and regular case management going through the process.”

The bill would create a state database tracking the homes through yearly inspections, with state and local funding becoming available for centers that pass.

“If houses apply and meet these standards they will benefit from the fact of being able to receive state and local funding and receive referrals from state entities and court systems,” Rep. Harris said adding that for homes that are found below the standard, “they can expect the pressure to be put on those houses to upgrade.”

She tells us the goal is not to close houses, but to get all of them up to the state standard, using financial incentives.

Co-Sponsor Senator Marie Pinkney says the certification is a way to protect vulnerable people by not making them or their families investigate the kind of care they might get at a given center.

“People can just focus on getting the treatment they need from trustworthy individuals and having to do a whole bunch of research to look for horror stories that might have happened, they can know the state has done that work they can just go to one they are comfortable with,” she said.

She tells 47ABC that she is proud to support legislation that supports vulnerable communities and wants to see more of the centers across the state.

“When we think of these centers and these issues we think Wilmington or in some cases Dover but these issues are in all of our communities and we want to have these be successful across the state,” Sen. Pinkney said.

Sen. Pinkney tells 47ABC she believes more success stories with the centers can also help break the stigma around addiction, and allow for more centers to be built in areas where residents may typically push back against them.

“One way to break through that barrier is to say we are making sure support is there for people that come into your community, and that are safe they are monitored and we are keeping track of them and we can vouch for the work they are doing,” Sen. Pinkney said.





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