City officials get creative with finding solutions for affordable housing in Lewes

LEWES, Del.- 30% of Sussex County households spend more than 30% of their income on housing. The City of Lewes now looking to find more affordable options for residents.

The city hosted a workshop Tuesday to hear from the community on their current challenges.

Most residents and employers voiced their concerns on how housing continues to impact the workforce.

As for solutions, City Manager Ann Marie Townshend says there’s not a lot of undeveloped land to work it.

Due to that, she says they’re getting creative to find an answer. “We did talk about the idea of accessory dwelling units where you have a secondary unit either in your home or maybe in an accessory structure like a garage where you could rent it out,” Townshend said.

“Over the next several months we’ll be discussing whether or not this is a potential option in Lewes.”

Townshend says currently Sussex County households use 53% on their income on both housing and transportation.

Moving forward, Townshend says the planning commission has created a subcommittee. Their focus will be on removing barriers and finding ways to incentivize affordable housing.

The City of Lewes is also working with community partners like Sussex County Habitat for Humanity to find solutions as well.

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