Wicomico NAACP announces BHM competition, allows students to express their creativity


WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. – In honor of Black History Month, The Wicomico County NAACP is giving students the opportunity to showcase their creativity through a unique challenge.

The ‘I Am Black History’ competition is calling on Wicomico County middle and high school students to celebrate black history through written or visual media.

Students can submit poetry, a rap, essay, or video.

President Monica Brooks tells us, it was important to give youngsters an opportunity to learn while also giving them a voice. “That the things that they do and accomplish today will be seen as history and will be looked upon just as many of our other legacy people in the black community of Delmarva are being look at now,” Brooks said.

The four selected winners will receive $100 gifts cards each.

For more information or to submit your entry, email wicomico.naacp7028@gmail.com or call 443-614-3042.

Entries are being accepted now until March 9th.

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