Local non-profit hosts second annual Black History Month program, celebrates those making lasting impacts



SEAFORD, Del. – History and creativity were on display, as Boomerang Community Outreach Inc. hosted their second annual Black History Month celebration Saturday at Restoration Community Church in Seaford.

This year’s theme was ‘Legacy,’ honoring those in the community making a lasting impact.

Chandra Phillips received this year’s Legacy Award for being the first African American female administrator for Seaford Central Elementary School.

Youth part of non-profits ‘SWAG Program’ also performed a skit and a praise dance.  SWAG stands for Self-confident, Winning, Appointed, Go-getters.

Founder Danecia Page tells us the event was a chance to educate youth while also planting seeds for their futures. “They were able to witness giving someone their flowers while they’re here and just to also see that everything our organization embodies is legacy,” Page said.

“They were also able to exemplify their own form of legacy even starting today by being of service to show their skills, their characteristics, and their qualities.”

Several small businesses in the area were also recognized for their work in the community.

Organizers tells us they saw much growth in the event this year, which is a strong indicator that it will return.

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