Homeless advocates praise opening of Georgetown Pallet Village

GEORGETOWN, Del.- The Springboard Collective Pallet Home Village in Georgetown is now open for those experiencing homelessness in Georgetown.

The center suffered multiple delays due to supply chain shortages, but now features 40 fully equipped units with heat, electricity, and AC, as well as social services to help residents get crucial documentation and ultimately permanent work and housing.

Jim Martin of the Shepherds Office tells 47ABC its the most concrete step in addressing homeless that he has seen in his years of volunteering to help the homeless, and says he personally knows some of the people that now have a roof over their heads, and an easier path back into society.

“We know some people personally and its been a huge bright spot, especially with the temperatures going down it was good timing, and these are the people that want to work on their lives, their goal is to get themselves that better life, that’s why they’ve moved in there,” he said.

Martin says he hopes to be able to help others get on the waitlist for the pallet homes, as those currently in them, begin to transition out over a period of 18 months.



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