DoMore24 online campaign supports Delaware nonprofits, donations crucial for programming



DELAWARE – “The participation is so important. That’s what makes the contest fun is people getting involved and participating, even just giving $5,” The Sheperd’s Office Director Jim Martin said.

It’s the biggest outreach effort of the year of nonprofits across the first state. The DoMore24 online giving campaign is sponsored by The United Way of Delaware and Spur Impacts. “It’s in our name, we’re not in it for a profit. We’re in it to serve others and the funding part of our operations is always the most challenging,” Martin said.

“There’s $600,000 in matching funds just sitting there and they’ll be awarded to the non-profits that get the most participation in the contest. Basically, it’s a team effort.”

In a span of 24 hours, donors are able to search the hundreds of non-profits a part of this year’s campaign to support and give back to those organizations serving communities statewide daily.

Boomerang Community Outreach Inc. provides a variety of outreach services for youth. Founder Daneica Page says the organization’s size has hindered them for qualifying for grants, leaving most of their expenses being paid out of pocket.

Page says those donations will help keep them afloat. “They’re going to youth and individuals in our community that are in need, less fortunate, or maybe they’re just looking for something to be a part of.”

LGBTQ+ community center CAMP Rehoboth tells us that those dollars raised will help build out their current initiatives like their advocacy and education programs and community building. “We’ll have volunteers go to Brandwine valley SPA to help out there with their programming. We’ve gathered materials for students going back to schools, we participate with toys for tots. There’s just so many things,” Development Director Laurie Thompson said.

With over 400 non-profits apart of this year’s campaign, organizations say every minute and penny will count so they can continue to serve. “That’s what it’s all about and that’s what we stand in the gap for. It’s to provide that love, encouragement, and support so that they know they have a safe space and that someone is rooting for them,” Page said.

The unique thing about this campaign is that participation outweighs dollar amounts. Organizations who get the most donations will have their funds matched.

The campaign starts this Thursday March 2nd at 6p.m. and will last until 6p.m. the following day.

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